Let’s not kid ourselves, you don’t need to be an A-list celebrity to throw a party worthy of the social pages! You need a theme, a budget and the ability to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in… or book The Blonde Butler!

If you’re going to go to the trouble of hosting a party, you’ve got to do it well. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars, but it does mean providing great entertainment in a spectacular space with great food (and plenty of it).

We recently planned, managed and catered a party for an adorable 5-year-old girl. Her dream was to have a Princess party, and a Princess party she had! In true Blonde Butler style I did go a little OTT, but it definitely paid off and the event was a huge success.

Guests arrived and walked down the garden path lined with giant 90cm balloons. They were greeted by Butler’s with pink lemonades before reaching a flower wall where they could have a welcome photo taken. Once inside they were free to explore the party area which included a kid’s marquee, a sweets station, a grazing table, a bar, giant balloons and floral arrangements as far as the eye could see.

Once everyone had settled in, it was time for the Birthday girl to make her grand entrance. She arrived by Horse & Carriage with two of her favourite Disney Princesses. The Horse & Carriage was then available for all guests to enjoy throughout the duration of the party.

The Princesses took the children to their dedicated marquee and held a lip gloss making class. Once this was complete my team had lunch ready! (The trick is to have no lull time otherwise you’ll lose the attention of the children).

Inside were three styled tables complete with plates, cutlery, cups & florals where the children sat and enjoyed mini hot dogs, American cheeseburgers, fruit skewers and more.

To avoid adult food envy, we set up a styled adult grazing table filled with fresh seafood, a glazed ham, salads and one of our signature cheese boards. Sometimes its just too hard to fill up a plate and eat a full meal at a party like this, so we served a selection of canapés (salt & pepper squid, arancini balls, Lobster rolls, gourmet beef pies) as well. Adults also had access to a fully stocked bar complete with a signature pink cocktail.

When you’ve got their attention, keep it! Straight after lunch it’s cake time! Gather everyone to sing Happy Birthday and then let the children (and adults) go wild on the sweets station. I styled this with a huge selection of pink sweets, doughnuts from Doughnut Time and a custom cake that I had made for the special girl.

Once the cake is cut and served you can exhale and leave everyone to entertain themselves. Make sure the lolly bags are accessible for people who begin to leave. I picked small pink boxes rather than bags and packed them full with girly goodies.

This might all sound really overwhelming and difficult, but it’s not. Use this kid’s party checklist:

  • Pick a theme and stick to it
  • Select a space (this will generally be your family home)
  • Send your invites and include an RSVP
  • Get online and visit party supply sites to order your decorations (balloons, bunting, pom poms etc.)
  • Order the cake or pick a recipe if you’re making it yourself (for a party of 50 people aim for a cake that serves 40)
  • Purchase plates, cups, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins & party hats in your theme colour (buy extra of each)
  • Purchase your beverages in advance (kids and adults)
  • Lock in any hire furniture you need (marquee, tables & chairs, bar tables etc.) & ensure the pick-up date is the next day and not the afternoon of the party
  • Stock up on small goodies so you can make the lolly bags ahead of time
  • If you’re going to have a lolly station, buy all of this in advance in big sealed bags as well as large glass bowls to style it with
  • If you’re going to cater it yourself, decide on your menu, write an itemised shopping list and ask a friend to help you. This isn’t a one-person job and you need to pick a menu that can be prepped the day before
  • Book your entertainment (clowns, characters etc.) and confirm with them one week out from the party
  • Brief your florist on the event and give them a budget to work with. Have the flowers arrive the day before

I always recommend decorating your house the night before so you reduce stress on party day. Ask your family or close friends to arrive a couple of hours early to do a walk through and make sure everything is in its place… its all in the detail.

You’ll be your toughest critic on the day! If you can nail the styling, keep the children entertained, ensure the adults have food and drinks and offer up one piece of ‘wow’ factor, you’ve nailed it.

Check out a couple of pics from the event below.



Planning, Styling & Catering: The Blonde Butler

Photography: Elizabeth Allnutt 

Florals: @rymonda_floral_designer (Instagram)

Decorations: Ruby Rabbit

Props: @bygeorgeevents (Instagram)

Cake: Gracious Honey



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